The facility offers two pools, a hot spring jacuzzi, a sauna, a hotel shop, an art lounge, and a gallery. The private pool can be reserved for personal use. From the outdoor “Infinity Pool,” guests can enjoy a seamless view where the pool’s water surface meets the Seto Inland Sea. Please enjoy these amenities as you wish.

Infinity Pool

The ultimate infinity experience where the pool’s surface seamlessly connects with the Seto Inland Sea. An iconic 30-meter outdoor pool, adjacent to the art lounge.

Private Pool & Sauna

Heated swimming pool available for swimming throughout the year.
A hot spring Jacuzzi and sauna with a view of the garden are also available for private use.
Private use: 60 min. 11,000 yen (tax included)

Hotel Shop

At the hotel shop next to the 1F reception, we offer original products from Seonagi, as well as specialty items from Setouchi and Ehime. We also have a complete lineup of original cosmetics from ALL THAT SPA.

Art Lounge

In the art lounge, which is available for our staying guests, you can enjoy free drinks such as wine and juice at any time. You are also free to browse through a selection of books on architecture, design, and picture books.

Usage hours: 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM
*Please note that the lounge may be unavailable on certain days.