At Setouchi Retreat Aonagi, you can savor the richness of Setouchi’s marine and mountain bounty. The Japanese cuisine here, taking advantage of the seasonal ingredients, offers a depth of flavor that’s both visually stunning and leaves a lasting impression. In this serene atmosphere, experience that connects you with the traditional Japanese food culture passed down in the region.

Dinner – Kaiseki Cuisine

Dinner – Kaiseki Cuisine

Ehime, blessed with a warm climate and abundant natural resources, offers a plethora of ingredients. Emphasizing the crucial aspects of Japanese cuisine – aroma and a sense of the seasons – our dishes are crafted with a commitment to ‘locally produced, locally consumed’ principles. Experience the changing seasons through all five senses with our Japanese cuisine that cherishes the local bounty.



Ehime, a lesser-known sake region, offers a variety of unique local sakes, alongside a selection of wines from around the world encompassing all types. These beverages, chosen to complement the seasons and enhance the cuisine, bring new joy and discoveries to your dining experience.

Breakfast – Japanese

For a breakfast that fuels your day, we offer a gentle Japanese-style meal, focusing on seasonal ingredients. Please enjoy rice from Ehime Prefecture, cooked in an earthenware pot, served alongside dishes that highlight the season’s best offerings.

Head chef


Born in 1992, inspired from a young age by watching their chef father at work, they aspired to become a cook. After graduating from the Ehime Culinary Confectionery School, they gained experience at Ehime’s historic inn “Dogo Onsen Funaya,” and at “Ginza Kogoto” and “Ginza Okuda” in Tokyo. Following two and a half years as a Japanese cuisine practical training instructor at Ehime Culinary Confectionery School, they became the head chef at Setouchi Retreat Aonagi. Additionally, they are a former world champion in karate.


From an early age, they discovered the joy of dining through visits to markets with their grandmother. After moving to Tokyo, they started working at “Tour d’Argent Tokyo” at the age of 21, where they spent five years. They then worked as a sommelier in various dining establishments, from bistros to izakayas, before becoming the sommelier at Setouchi Retreat Aonagi in 2018. They achieved the Sommelier Excellence certification in 2020.


In the dining area, we offer two types of seating. There is an open counter seat under a high ceiling facing large glass windows, or a more serene table seat by the window. Guests will be guided to either type of seating.